When will my order arrive?

Within Europe, average shipping time is 5-7 working days, though it can take up to a month, in rare cases even longer. Outside of Europe, average shipping time is 2 weeks, though it’s not rare for it to take a month or more. It depends on how fast the postal service works, customs, weather, strikes, etc.

I put the wrong address during checkout!

No problem, just send me a message with the correct address, and I’ll send it there instead.

Why can’t my order be tracked?

Only orders sent by registered post can be tracked. This is an option during checkout and costs extra because the postal service charges extra for it.

Can you make a bookmark/print of X?

I can only sell bookmarks and prints of my own art. If I haven’t drawn it, I can’t sell it. If I have drawn it, but don’t currently offer it as a print or bookmark, I can order it in, but it would likely take several weeks.

Can you draw X?

Sure! I do commissions – you can find all the relevant info here!