Cancellation & Refund Policy

You can cancel your order by contacting me and requesting that your order be cancelled. If you simply made a mistake in the address, chose the wrong product(s), or want to amend your order in some way, please let me know and we can make it happen! This way, you can make sure that the products you wanted to buy won’t go back into the shop and be bought by someone else before you can re-send your order, and you avoid extra service charges.

If you do want to cancel an order, please let me know as soon as possible. Once something has been dispatched, I can’t refund shipping costs anymore. You can still return the item to me and receive a refund for the cost of the item itself, provided you return it in its original condition (i.e. undamaged). You must cover the cost of returning the item yourself.

If you pay via PayPal or Stripe, your refund will be subject to a €0.50 service charge. If you paid using a card or account in a currency other than Euro, your refund may also be slightly less than expected due to fluctuations in currency conversion.